Instagram Live Stream with Luca Valdesi

Thursday 17th October - 3 PM ( 15:00 ) Central European Time

We are happy to announce that we have scheduled an Instagram Live Stream with the World Karate Champion Luca Valdesi just for you, our amazing Karate Lovers.

It will be a fun moment to chat together about the Official World Karate Online Store that has just opened, what you can find there and what’s the idea behind it.

But most importantly, it’s going to be your chance to interact with us and Luca Valdesi, ask him questions and get to know him.

Also, we have a surprise for you:

You will have the chance to win a super cool gift.


Just leave a comment below with a question you would like to ask Luca Valdesi. From all the comments, we'll pick a random winner during the Live Stream.

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Don’t forget to comment below and get the change to win!

Remember: Thursday 17 October at 3pm Central European Time (check here what that is in your local time).

Reviews (38 comments)

  • Glazko Athena On

    Good afternoon Luca Valdesi!
    I do Karate Shotokan! And I like Kata Shotokan.
    But the leaders of Sánchez Sandra, Shimizu Kiyou, Bottaro Viviana, they all use Kata Shitō-ryū: Papuren, Chatanyara Kushanku, Chibana No Kushanku. Apparently they award more points?
    So is it better to study Shitō-ryū for success in Kata?

  • Patricia Wright On

    You like to do Katas with Jumps. Do you have any suggestions to anyone who is new to jumping. Any beginning-intermediate- then Advanced Techniques involved with learning how to jump in Katas. Jumps used in Katas such as Unsu, Kusanku Sho..

  • Govind Kumar On

    I am Govind kumar I want to join .

  • Wajahat Wasti On

    Thats great for karate lover
    Great job

  • Rajneesh Kumar Rai On

    You are steel body person according to the karate

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